About Saint Mary Seminary & Graduate School of Theology

Forming Christian Men and Women

Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology of the Diocese of Cleveland prepares candidates for the Catholic priesthood while also serving as a center for advanced theological education. These convictions are valued traits cultivated within our learning community that serve as desired outcomes across all of our degree programs:

Christian Discipleship

We value the transformation of each person into the image of Christ in response to the word of God and the Church’s tradition.


We value the renewal of the mind and heart for personal, professional, and ecclesiastical growth.

Theological Thinking

We value the ability to think with the Church through the skills of analysis and critical reflection.


We value the ability to articulate theological ideas.


We value the development and use of personal and interpersonal skills, shared gifts in ministry, for the service of community building.

Collaboration With Our Campus Partners

Reflecting the True Collaborative Nature of the Church

As one of the five entities at the Center for Pastoral Leadership, Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology works collaboratively with Borromeo Seminary, the Diaconate Office, the Pastoral Ministry Office, and the Office of Continuing Education and Formation of Ministers. Using the resources of its faculty, library and staff, many of the lectures and formational programs throughout the academic year provide opportunities for those preparing for ministry and for all those discerning God’s call to dialogue and pray together.

Borromeo Seminary, the undergraduate Seminary formation program in the Diocese of Cleveland and a resident community at the Center for Pastoral Leadership, shares in many of the social, recreational, and liturgical events with the graduate seminarians.

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Discover Our Mission, History, and Heritage

Building on a 175 Year Tradition

Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology prepares men for the ordained priesthood and responds to the contemporary needs of the Church. We invite you to learn more about our mission and vision, rooted in priestly formation.

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