Other Policies

Gifts and Donations

The Library is viewed not only as a Seminary resource, but also as one which encompasses the diverse interests of the Diocese of Cleveland.  As a Diocesan memory institution, the Library welcomes gifts of books, periodicals, or other materials from personal libraries and estates.  The Library, however, reserves the right to use or dispose of these materials in keeping with its best interest.  Additionally, the Library is prohibited by IRS regulations from assigning a value to any material received as a donation.  A letter of thanks acknowledging the gift is available.

When the Library receives donations of books, the usual practice is to review these gifts for items to be added to the collection.  Those items not selected are placed on a cart with a sign indicating they are available to anyone to take, free of charge.

Policy on Pornography*

The Library forbids patrons from using Library computers to access pornography.  Upon discovery of a non-resident student or a library patron (who is not enrolled) engaged in such activity, the individual in question will be notified in writing by the Library Director that:

  • his/her library card is cancelled, effective immediately; (This means no borrowing from the SMS Library, no borrowing from OhioLINK, and no access to databases.)
  • he/she will be required to return all Library materials immediately;
  • and he/she will lose all other Library privileges. (This means no internet access from Library computers, no use of the CPL wireless network, and no use of the Library as a study space.)

In all such cases, the incident will be documented with a letter to the Rector, the Academic Dean, and the Registrar.  Should the incident involve child pornography, additional reports shall also be made to the relevant civil and Diocesan authorities.

*If a seminarian is found to be accessing pornography, the incident will immediately be reported to his formation advisor, and the situation will be handled via established procedures as described in the Seminary Handbooks.